Monday, 31 July 2017

Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2017-18 was held on 31.07.2017. The Chief guest of the function was Shri.Unnikrishnan, Sub Inspector of Police, Nileswar.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


                                            BOOK FAIR BY D C BOOKS

A book fair was arranged in the school library by DC Books on 25.07.17. "Meet the Author" programme was also conducted.Author name - Shri. JAYAN MANGAD.


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Author Title of book Year
Margaret Mead Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years 1972
Margaret Murray My First Hundred Years with ammu 1963
Frank Lloyd Wright Autobiography 1943
Salvador Dali The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí 1942
Claude Monet An Interview 1900
Gwen Raverat Period Piece 1952
Andrew Carnegie Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie: with Illustrations 1920
Richard DeVos Simply Rich: Life and Lessons from the Cofounder of Amway: A Memoir 2014
Andrew S. Grove A Memoir: Swimming Across 2001
Stephen Fry Moab Is My Washpot 1997
Stephen Fry Ernie: the Autobiography 2009
Frankie Boyle My Shit Life So Far 2009
Craig Ferguson American on Purpose 2009
Isadora Duncan My Life 1927
Terry-Thomas Filling the Gap 1959
Vincent Price I Like What I Know 1959
George Sanders Memoirs of a Professional Cad 1960
Ken Murray Life On a Pogo Stick 1960
Fred Astaire Steps in Time 1960
Harpo Marx Harpo Speaks 1961
Sir Cedric Hardwicke A Victorian in Orbit 1961
Charlie Chaplin My Autobiography 1964
Dick Gregory Nigger 1964
Orson Bean Me and the Orgone 1971
David Niven The Moon's a Balloon 1972
Moe Howard Moe Howard and the Three Stooges 1974
David Niven Bring On The Empty Horses 1975
Kim Hunter Loose in the Kitchen 1975
Joyce Grenfell Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure 1976
Peter Ustinov Dear Me 1977
Christopher Lee Tall, Dark & Gruesome 1977
Gregory Peck An Actor's Life 1978
Ralph Bellamy When the Smoke Hit the Fan 1979
Bette Midler A View From a Broad 1980
Ricardo Montalbán Reflections: a Life In Two Worlds 1980
Robert Stack Straight Shooting 1980
Henry Fonda Fonda: My Life 1981
Mercedes McCambridge The Quality of Mercy: An Autobiography 1981
Satyajit Ray Jakhan Choto Chilam 1982
Sid Caesar Where Have I Been? 1982
Dirk Bogarde An Orderly Man 1983
James Fox Comeback: an Actor's Direction 1983
Laurence Olivier Confessions of an Actor 1983
Akira Kurosawa Something Like an Autobiography 1983
Mr. T Mr. T 1984
Brooke Shields On Your Own 1985
Alec Guinness Blessings in Disguise 1986
Laurence Olivier On Acting 1986
Franco Zeffirelli Zeffirelli: an Autobiography 1986
Patty Duke Call Me Anna 1987
Ingmar Bergman The Magic Lantern 1987
Arthur Miller Timebends: A Life 1987
Terence Stamp Coming Attractions 1988
Charles Grodin It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here: My Journey Through Show Business 1989
Gilda Radner It's Always Something 1989
Drew Barrymore Little Girl Lost 1989
Micky Dolenz I'm a Believer 1993
James Earl Jones Voices and Silences 1993
Burt Reynolds My Life 1994
Fran Drescher Enter Whining 1996
Frank Muir A Kentish Lad 1997
Ed Wood, Jr. Hollywood Rat Race 1998
Eli Wallach The Good, the Bad, and Me 2005
Alan Alda Never Have Your Dog Stuffed And Other Things I've Learned 2005
Nena "Do You Want to Go With Me?" (Willst du mit mir gehn?) 2005
Adrienne Barbeau There Are Worse Things I Could Do 2006
Peter Falk Just One More Thing 2006
Ellen Burstyn Lessons In Becoming Myself 2006
Gabe Kaplan Kotter's Back 2007
Rutger Hauer All Those Moments 2007
Kirk Douglas Let's Face It 2007
Bruce Dern Things I've Said, But Probably Shouldn't Have: an Unrepentant Memoir 2007
Norman Jewison This Terrible Business Has Been Good To Me 2007
Julie Walters That's Another Story 2008
Tony Curtis American Prince: a Memoir 2008
Chelsea Handler Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea 2008
Tori Spelling Stori Telling 2008
Robert Wagner Pieces of My Heart 2008
Robert Englund Hollywood Monster 2009
Alyssa Milano Safe at Home 2009
Roger Moore My Word Is My Bond 2009
Patrick Swayze The Time of My Life 2009
Bob Barker Priceless Memories 2009
Ernest Borgnine Ernie: the Autobiography 2009
Michael Caine What's It All About; The Elephant to Hollywood 2010
Todd Bridges Killing Willis 2010
Harry Hamlin Full Frontal Nudity 2010
Shannen Doherty Badass 2010
Louis Gossett Jr. An Actor and a Gentleman 2010
Tori Spelling Uncharted Territori 2010
Michael J. Fox A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Future 2010
Molly Ringwald Getting the Pretty Back 2010
Florence Henderson Life Is Not a Stage: From Broadway Baby to a Lovely Lady and Beyond, with Joel Brokaw 2011
Meredith Baxter Untied 2011
Rob Lowe Stories I Only Tell My Friends 2011
Ron Perlman Easy Street (The Hard Way) 2014
Mariel Hemingway Out Came the Sun 2015
Laura M. Frombach Leaving the Dark House 2016
Edward Gibbon Memoirs of My Life and Writings 17xx
Henry Adams The Education of Henry Adams 1907
Lowell Thomas Good Evening, Everybody 1976
Jessica Savitch Anchorwoman 1982
Libanius Oration 374
Sei Shōnagon The Pillow Book 1002
Kamo No Chomei Hōjōki 1212
Leonor López de Córdoba Memorias (López de Córdoba) 1400
Margery Kempe The Book of Margery Kempe 1436
Girolamo Cardano The Book of My Life 1576
Michel de Montaigne Of the Education of Children 1580
Abraham Cowley Of Myself 1668
Colley Cibber An Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber, Written by Himself 1740
Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 1791
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Italian Journey 1817
Thomas De Quincey Confessions of an English Opium-Eater 1821
James Hogg Altrive Tales: Featuring a Memoir of the Author's Life 1832
Charles Dickens Autobiographical Fragment 1847
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The Autobiography Of Goethe: Truth And Poetry, From My Own Life 1848
Thomas Carlyle Reminiscences 1849
Sara Coleridge Memoir 1874
Ambrose Bierce What I Saw of Shiloh 1881
Anthony Trollope An Autobiography 1883
Walt Whitman Specimen Days 1883
Leo Tolstoy A Confession 1884
John Ruskin Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts Perhaps Worthy of Memory in My Past Life 1885
Oscar Wilde De Profundis 1897
Margaret Oliphant The Autobiography of Margaret Oliphant 1899
Victor Hugo Victor Hugo's Intellectual Autobiography 1907
Henry James A Small Boy and Others 1913
Maxim Gorky My Childhood 1913
William Butler Yeats Reveries Over Childhood and Youth 1916
Mark Twain Autobiography of Mark Twain 1910
Mary Augusta Ward A Writer's Recollections 1918
Robert Graves Good-Bye to All That 1929
Lincoln Steffens Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens 1931
Walter Benjamin Unpacking My Library 1931
Vera Brittain Testament of Youth 1933
Gertrude Stein The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas 1933
H. G. Wells Experiment in Autobiography 1934
William Butler Yeats Autobiography 1936
G. K. Chesterton The Autobiography of G.K. Chesterton 1936
Claude McKay A Long Way From Home 1937
Noël Coward Present Indicative 1937
Virginia Woolf Moments of Being 1938
A. A. Milne It's Too Late Now 1939
F. Scott Fitzgerald A Short Autobiography 1940
Zora Neale Hurston Dust Tracks on a Road 1942
Stefan Zweig The World of Yesterday 1942
Dylan Thomas Holiday Memory 1942
Richard Wright Black Boy 1945
Nirad C. Chaudhuri The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian 1951
Christy Brown My Left Foot 1954
Elie Wiesel Night 1955
Mary McCarthy Memories of a Catholic Girlhood 1957
Mary McCarthy How I Grew 1987
P. G. Wodehouse Over Seventy 1957
Dick Francis The Sport of Queens 1957
Simone de Beauvoir The Prime of Life 1960
John Betjeman Summoned by Bells 1960
Evelyn Waugh A Little Learning 1966
Vladimir Nabokov Speak, Memory 1966
P. J. Kavanagh The Perfect Stranger 1966
C. S. Lewis Surprised by Joy 1966
Rosamond Lehmann The Swan in the Evening: Fragments of an Inner Life 1967
Edward Abbey Desert Solitaire 1968
J. R. Ackerley My Father and Myself 1968
Czesław Miłosz Native Realm: A Search for Self-Definition 1968
Laurie Lee Cider with Rosie 1960
Anaïs Nin The Diary of Anaïs Nin 1976
Nadezhda Mandelstam Hope Against Hope 1970
Graham Greene A Sort of Life 1971
Wole Soyinka The Man Died: Prison Notes 1971
Joyce Maynard Looking Back: A Chronicle of Growing Up Old in the Sixties 1973
James Baldwin The Devil Finds Work 1976
Pablo Neruda Memoirs (Confieso que he vivido: Memorias) 1977
Agatha Christie Agatha Christie: An Autobiography 1977
Wole Soyinka Aké: The Years of Childhood 1981
John Mortimer Clinging to the Wreckage: A Part of Life 1982
Michael Ondaatje Running in the Family 1982
Janet Frame To the Is-land 1982
Janet Frame An Angel at My Table and The Envoy From Mirror City 1984
Eudora Welty One Writer's Beginnings 1983
Roald Dahl Boy: Tales of Childhood 1984
Roald Dahl Boy & Going Solo 1986
Anthony Burgess Little Wilson and Big God 1986
Annie Dillard An American Childhood 1987
Nina Berberova The Italics are Mine 1993
René Galand War hentoù an tremened, 2 vols. 2002
Amos Oz A Tale of Love and Darkness 2002
J. M. Coetzee Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life 1997
Gay Talese A Writer's Life 2006
Jacqueline Wilson Jacky Daydream & My Secret Diary 2008
Andrea Ashworth Once in a House on Fire 2011
G. H. Hardy A Mathematician's Apology 1940
Norbert Wiener I Am a Mathematician 1964
Bertrand Russell Autobiography 1967
Freeman Dyson Disturbing the Universe 1979
Paul Halmos I Want to be a Mathematician: An Automathography 1985
Stanislaw Ulam Adventures of a Mathematician 1991
André Weil The Apprenticeship of a Mathematician 1992
Gian-Carlo Rota Indiscrete Thoughts 1998
Vladimir Arnold Yesterday and Long Ago 2006
Neal Koblitz Random Curves: Journeys of a Mathematician 2007
Goro Shimura The Map of My Life 2008
Edward Frenkel Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality 2014
Michael Harris Mathematics without Apologies: Portrait of a Problematic Vocation 2015
Cédric Villani Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure 2015
Albert Schweitzer Out of My Life and Thought 1933
Ulysses S. Grant Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant 1885
Manfred von Richthofen The Red Baron (Der rote Kampfflieger) 1917
Heinz Guderian Panzer Leader 1950
Elsa Reger Mein Leben mit und für Max Reger (My life with and for Max Reger) 1930
Billie Holiday Lady Sings the Blues 1956
Pablo Casals Joys and Sorrows: Reflections 1970
Charles Mingus Beneath the Underdog 1971
Paul Bowles Without Stopping 1972
Tom Sullivan If You Could See What I Hear 1975
Tom Sullivan Adventures In Darkness 1976
Liberace The Things I Love 1977
Ray Charles Brother Ray 1978
Pinky Tomlin The Object of My Affection 1981
Dizzy Gillespie To Be or Not to Bop 1982
Lennon Sisters Same Song, Separate Voices 1985
Davy Jones They Made a Monkee Out Of Me 1986
Michael Jackson Moonwalk 1988
Nena "Do You Want to Go With Me?" (Willst du mit mir gehn?) 2005
Horace Silver Let's Get to the Nitty Gritty 2007
Carnie Wilson Gut Feelings 2008
Eminem The Way I Am 2008
Patrick Swayze The Time of My Life 2009
Alyssa Milano Safe at Home 2009
Belinda Carlisle Lips Unsealed 2010
Keith Richards Life 2010
Shania Twain From This Moment On 2011
Natural History
Charles Darwin The Recollections of the Development of My Mind and Character 1876
Charles Darwin The Autobiography of Charles Darwin 1887
Jean-Paul Sartre The Words 1964
David Hume My Own Life 1777
John Stuart Mill Autobiography 1874
Paramahansa Yogananda Autobiography of a Yogi 1955
Simone de Beauvoir The Prime of Life 1960
Philip M. Morse In at the Beginnings: A Physicist's Life 1976
Richard Feynman Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! 1985
Luis Alvarez Alvarez: Adventures of a Physicist 1987
Emilio Segrè A Mind Always in Motion 1993
Fay Ajzenberg-Selove A Matter of Choices: Memoirs of a Female Physicist 1994
Alvin M. Weinberg The First Nuclear Era: The Life and Times of a Technological Fixer 1994
John Wheeler Geons, Black Holes, and Quantum Foam: A Life in Physics 1998
Maya Angelou The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou 2002
Orhan Pamuk Istanbul: Memories and the City 2003
Maurice Wilkins Maurice Wilkins: The Third Man of the Double Helix 2003
Isaak Khalatnikov From the Atomic Bomb to the Landau Institute: Autobiography. Top Non-Secret 2012
Rudolf Peierls Bird of Passage: Recollections of a Physicist 2014
Frank W. K. Firk East - Ender: an Autobiography 2014
Marcus Aurelius Meditations 175
Manuel Belgrano Autobiography of Manuel Belgrano 1814
Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave 1845
Frederick Douglass My Bondage and My Freedom 1855
Joaquim Nabuco Minha formação 1900
Booker T. Washington Up from Slavery 1901
Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography 1913
Stephen A. Douglas Autobiography of Stephen A. Douglas 1913
Emmeline Pankhurst My Own Story 1914
Mary Harris Jones Autobiography of Mother Jones 1925
Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf 1925
Benito Mussolini My Autobiography: With the Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism 1928
Calvin Coolidge The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge 1929
Winston Churchill My Early Life 1930
Jawaharlal Nehru An Autobiography 1936
Manny Shinwell Conflict Without Malice 1955
Winston Churchill Memoirs of the Second World War 1959
Malcolm X The Autobiography of Malcolm X 1965
Manny Shinwell I've Lived Through It All 1973
Manny Shinwell Lead With the Left: My First Ninety-Six Years 1981
Roy Hattersley A Yorkshire Boyhood 1983
Ronald Reagan An American Life 1990
Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom 1995
Barack Obama Dreams from My Father 1995
Bill Clinton My Life 2004
Medgar Evers The Autobiography of Medgar Evers 2005
Barack Obama The Audacity of Hope 2006
Fidel Castro My Life: A Spoken Autobiography 2006
John Howard Lazarus Rising: A Personal and Political Autobiography 2010
Julia Gillard My Story 2014
Jimmy Carter A Full Life: Reflections at 90 2015
Sigmund Freud An Autobiographical Study 1925
Carl Jung Memories, Dreams, Reflections 1962
Ted Husing My Eyes Are In My Heart 1959
Earl Weaver Winning 1972
Earl Weaver It's What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts 1983
Kapil Dev By God's Decree 1985
Muhammad Ali The Greatest: My Own Story 1975
Mark "Jacko" Jackson Dumb Like a Fox 1986
Kapil Dev Cricket My Style 1987
John Matuszak Cruising With the Tooz 1987
Jerry Kramer Instant Replay 1968
Tito Ortiz This Is Gonna Hurt: the Life of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion 2008
Hulk Hogan My Life Outside the Ring 2009
Milkha Singh The Race of My Life 2013
Yuvraj Singh The Test of My Life 2013
Augustine of Hippo Confessions 398
Albert Schweitzer Out of My Life and Thought 1933
Dalai Lama My Land and My People 1962
Robert H. Schuller My Journey: From an Iowa Farm to a Cathedral of Dreams 2001
Morris Cerullo The Legend of Morris Cerullo: How God Used an Orphan to Change the World 2016
Al-Ghazali The Deliverer from Error 1100
Peter Abelard Historia Calamitatum 1132
Teresa of Ávila Life of St. Teresa of Jesus 1567
Benvenuto Cellini The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini 1570
Gerolamo Cardano De vita propria/ De Propria Vita Liber 1576
John Bunyan Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners 1666
Giambattista Vico The Autobiography of Giambattista Vico 1741
Charlotte Charke A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Charlotte Charke (youngest daughter of Colley Cibber, Esq;) 1755
Elizabeth Ashbridge Some Account of the Fore-Part of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge 1755
Voltaire Mémoires pour servir à la vie de M. de Voltaire, écrits par lui-même 1759
Jonathan Edwards Personal Narrative 1768
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Confessions 1770
Olaudah Equiano The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano 1789
Thomas Jefferson Autobiography 1790
Mary Robinson Memoirs of the Late Mrs. Robinson, Written by Herself 1801
Shen Fu Six Records of a Floating Life 1808
George Bernard Shaw Shaw: an Autobiography, 1898–1950; the Playwright Years 1807
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Dichtung und Wahrheit 1811-1833
William Cowper Memoir of the Early Life of William Cowper, Esq., Written by Himself 1816
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Biographia Literaria 1817
Harriette Wilson Memoirs of Harriette Wilson 1825
Giacomo Casanova Histoire de ma vie 1826
Cornelio Saavedra Memoria autógrafa 1829
Richard Henry Dana Jr. Two Years Before the Mast 1840
Alphonse de Lamartine Les Confidences 1849
François-René de Chateaubriand Mémoires d'Outre-Tombe 1849
William Wordsworth The Prelude 1850
George Sand Story of My Life 1854
P. T. Barnum The Life of P.T. Barnum, Written by Himself 1855
Kit Carson Kit Carson's Autobiography 1856
Leo Tolstoy Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth 1856
Alexandre Dumas Mes Mémoires 1856
Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl 1861
John Henry Newman Apologia Pro Vita Sua 1864
Hector Berlioz Mémoires 1870
Harriet Martineau Harriet Martineau's Autobiography 1887
Thomas Henry Huxley Autobiography 1890
Stendhal The Life of Henry Brulard 1890
Stendhal Memoirs of an Egotist 1892
Thérèse of Lisieux The Story of a Soul 1897
Buffalo Bill The Life and Adventures of Buffalo Bill 1879
Helen Keller The Story of My Life 1903
Geronimo Geronimo's Story of His Life 1906
Edmund Gosse Father and Son 1907
Annie Besant Annie Besant: An Autobiography 1908
James Weldon Johnson The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man 1912
John Muir The Story of My Boyhood and Youth 1913
Bertrand Russell The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 1 1914
Henry James Notes of a Son and Brother 1914
Nikola Tesla My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla 1919
Zitkala-Sa Impressions of an Indian Childhood 1921
Constantin Stanislavski My Life in Art 1924
Mahatma Gandhi The Story of My Experiments with Truth 1927
Francis Yeats-Brown The Lives of a Bengal Lancer 1930
Black Elk Black Elk Speaks 1931
W. B. Yeats Autobiographies of William Butler Yeats 1938
John Buchan Memory Hold the Door 1940
Beryl Markham West with the Night 1942
Bertrand Russell The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 2 1944
Albert Einstein Autobiographical Notes 1945
George Orwell Such, Such Were the Joys... 1947
Primo Levi If This Is a Man 1947
Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl 1947
Thomas Merton The Seven Storey Mountain 1948
William Carlos Williams The Autobiography of William Carlos Williams 1948
H. V. Kaltenborn Fifty Fabulous Years 1950
A. J. Cronin Adventures in Two Worlds 1952
Dorothy Day The Long Loneliness 1952
Whittaker Chambers Witness 1952
Bing Crosby Call Me Lucky 1953
Gerald Durrell My Family and Other Animals 1956
Jessica Mitford Hons and Rebels 1960
Chet Huntley The Generous Years 1968
Florida Scott-Maxwell The Measure of My Days 1968
Quentin Crisp The Naked Civil Servant 1968
Brian Aherne A Proper Job 1969
Bertrand Russell The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 3 1969
Laurie Lee As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning 1969
Maya Angelou I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 1969
Pat Boone A New Song 1970
Albert Speer Inside the Third Reich 1970
Marguerite de Angeli Butter at the Old Price 1971
Michael Collins Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys 1974
Robert Mitchum It Sure Beats Working 1975
Diana Mitford A Life of Contrasts 1977
Sheldon Vanauken A Severe Mercy 1977
Albert Facey A Fortunate Life 1981
James Mason Before I Forget 1982
Richard Rodriguez Hunger of Memory 1982
Joseph D. Pistone Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia 1988
Jamaica Kincaid A Small Place 1988
Mel Blanc That's NOT All, Folks 1988
Frank Zappa The Real FZ Book 1988
Chuck Norris The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story 1988
Orson Bean Too Much Is Not Enough 1988
Janet Frame An Autobiography 1989
Debbie Gibson Between the Lines 1989
Steve Howe Between the Lines: My Struggle to Escape the Nightmare of Addiction 1989
Eva Hoffman Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language 1989
Wayne Newton Once Before I Go 1989
Tony Randall Which Reminds Me 1989
Patrick Macnee Blind in One Ear 1989
William Styron Darkness Visible 1990
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Giant Steps 1990
Elizabeth Manley Thumbs Up 1990
Anthony Burgess You've Had Your Time 1990
Macdonald Carey The Days of My Life 1991
Laurie Lee A Moment of War 1991
Michael York Accidentally on Purpose 1991
Brian Keenan An Evil Calling 1991
Sonny Bono And the Beat Goes On 1991
Dalai Lama Freedom in Exile 1991
Kurt Vonnegut Fates Worse Than Death 1991
Vanilla Ice Ice By Ice 1991
La Toya Jackson La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family 1991
M. F. K. Fisher Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon 1991
Katharine Hepburn Me: Stories of My Life 1991
Patty Duke A Brilliant Madness 1992
Reinaldo Arenas Before Night Falls 1992
Barry Williams Growing Up Brady 1992
Peter O'Toole Loitering with Intent: The Child 1992
M. F. K. Fisher To Begin Again: Stories and Memoirs 1908-1929 1992
Chang Jung Wild Swans 1992
Mario Vargas Llosa A Fish in the Water 1993
Margaret Thatcher The Downing Street Years 1993
Blake Morrison And When Did You Last See Your Father? 1993
Richard Fleischer Just Tell Me When to Cry 1993
Jeremy Lloyd Listen Very Carefully - I Shall Say This Only Once 1993
Naomi Judd Love Can Build a Bridge 1993
M. F. K. Fisher Stay Me, Oh Comfort Me: Journals and Stories 1933-1941 1993
Sheldon Leonard And the Show Goes On 1994
Adam West Back To the Batcave 1994
David Cassidy C'mon, Get Happy 1994
Naguib Mahfouz Echoes of an Autobiography 1994
Wole Soyinka Ibadan: The Penkelemes Years: A Memoir 1946-65 1994
Tobias Wolff In Pharaoh's Army 1994
Roy Clark My Life – In Spite of Myself 1994
Dolly Parton My Life and Other Unfinished Business 1994
Ann-Margret My Story 1994
Burgess Meredith So Far, So Good 1994
Ice-T The Ice Opinion 1994
Buddy Ebsen The Other Side of Oz 1994
Mary Tyler Moore After All 1995
Elie Wiesel All Rivers Run to the Sea: Memoirs Vol. 1, 1928-1969 1995
Burt Ward Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights 1995
Betty White BW: In Person; Here We Go Again: My Life In Television 1995
Wolfman Jack Have Mercy 1995
Charlton Heston In the Arena 1995
M. F. K. Fisher Last House: Reflections, Dreams and Observations 1943-1991 1995
Alan Sillitoe Life Without Armour 1995
Loni Anderson My Life in High Heels 1995
Luciano Pavarotti My World 1995
Anthony Quinn One Man Tango 1995
Gore Vidal Palimpsest: A Memoir 1995
Richard Pryor Pryor Convictions 1995
Kelsey Grammer So Far... 1995
Marlon Brando Songs My Mother Taught Me 1995
Boy George Taking It Like a Man 1995
Leonard Nimoy I Am Spock 1995
Mary Karr The Liars' Club 1995
Margaret Thatcher The Path to Power 1995
Garry Marshall Wake Me When It's Funny 1995
Aaron Spelling A Prime-Time Life 1996
Frank McCourt Angela's Ashes 1996
Claire Bloom Leaving a Doll's House: A Memoir 1996
Leslie Nielsen Bad Golf My Way 1996
James Doohan Beam Me Up, Scotty 1996
Dominique Moceanu DM: an Autobiography 1996
Clayton Moore I Was That Masked Man 1996
Nancy Kerrigan In My Own Words 1996
Isaac Bashevis Singer Love and Exile: An Autobiographical Trilogy 1996
Alec Guinness My Name Escapes Me 1996
Patrick Chamoiseau School Days (Une enfance Créole) 1996
Christopher Reeve Still Me 1996
Harold Brodkey The Wild Darkness: The Story of My Death 1996
Waylon Jennings Waylon 1996
Damon Wayans Bootleg 1996
Jerry Mathers And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver 1997
Chuck D Fight the Power 1997
LL Cool J I Make My Own Rules 1997
Spalding Gray It's a Slippery Slope 1997
Jenny McCarthy Jen-X: My Open Book 1997
Cathy Lee Crosby Let the Magic Begin 1997
David Sedaris Naked 1997
Chris Rock Rock This 1997
John Denver Take Me Home 1997
Aerosmith Walk This Way 1997
Tara Lipinski Triumph on Ice 1998
Dick Van Patten Ain't Got Time To Bleed 1998
Kenneth Branagh Beginning 1998
Sandra Bernhard Confessions of a Pretty Lady 1998
Peter Fonda Don't Tell Dad 1998
Jackie Chan I Am Jackie Chan 1998
Carroll O'Connor I Think I'm Outta Here 1998
Ray Manzarek Light My Fire: Life with the Doors 1998
Jesse Lee Kercheval Space: A Memoir 1998
Patrick Macnee The Avengers and Me 1998
Marilyn Manson The Long Hard Road Out of Hell 1998
Grace Lee Whitney The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy 1998
Jimmy Buffett A Pirate Looks At 50 1998
Alec Guinness A Positively Final Appearance 1999
Elie Wiesel And the Sea is Never Full: Memoirs Vol. 2, 1969- 1999
John McCain Faith of My Fathers 1999
Summer Sanders Champions Are Raised, Not Born 1999
Marc Summers Everything in Its Place 1999
Ariel Dorfman Heading South, Looking North: A Bilingual Journey 1999
Gloria Stuart I Just Keep Hoping 1999
Donny Osmond Life Is Just What You Make It: My Story So Far 1999
Taslima Nasrin My Girlhood 1999
Yehudi Menuhin Unfinished Journey: Twenty Years Later 1999
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Wings of Fire 1999
Durwood Merrill You're Out and You're Ugly Too! ...Confessions of an Umpire With Attitude 1999
Meat Loaf Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back 2000
Pete Sampras A Champion's Mind: Lessons From a Life In Tennis 2000
Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius 2000
Lorna Sage Bad Blood, A Memoir 2000
Michael York How a Shakespearean Prepares 2000
Tony Hawk Occupation: Skateboarder 2000
Edward Said Out of Place: A Memoir 2000
Sidney Poitier The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography 2001
Haven Kimmel A Girl Named Zippy 2001
Paula Fox Borrowed Finery 2001
Michael York Dispatches From Armageddon 2001
Linda Blair Going Vegan 2001
Larry Hagman Hello Darlin': Tall – and Absolutely True – Tales From My Life 2001
Danny Bonaduce Random Acts of Badness 2001
Lisa Whelchel The Facts of My Life 2001
Keith Jessop Goldfinder 2001
Stan Lee Excelsior 2002
Taslima Nasrin Gusty Wind 2002
Rowdy Roddy Piper In the Pit 2002
Gene Simmons KISS and Makeup 2002
Michael J. Fox Lucky Man 2002
Richard Kiel Making It Big In the Movies 2002
Gabriel García Márquez Living to Tell the Tale 2002
J. M. Coetzee Youth: Scenes from Provincial Life II 2002
Fran Drescher Cancer Schmancer 2002
Earl Weaver Weaver on Strategy 2002
Nuala O'Faolain Almost There: The Onward Journey of a Dublin Woman 2003
Barry Norman And Why Not? Memoirs of a Film Lover 2003
Craig Thompson Blankets 2003
Gregory Walcott Hollywood Adventures: My Story 2003
Carnie Wilson I'm Still Hungry 2003
Sherwin B. Nuland Lost in America: A Journey with My Father 2003
Ken Kaiser Planet of the Umps: My Life Behind the Plate, with Kevin Fisher 2003
Azar Nafisi Reading Lolita in Tehran 2003
Taslima Nasrin Speak Up or Split Into Two 2003
Carlos Eire Waiting for Snow in Havana 2003
Traci Lords Traci Lords: Underneath It All 2003
Sting Broken Music 2003
Tatum O'Neal A Paper Life 2004
Alison Sweeney All the Days of My Life (So Far) 2004
Aron Ralston Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2004
Tom Green Hollywood Causes Cancer 2004
Ben Gazzara In the Moment 2004
Rodney Dangerfield It's Not Easy Being Me 2004
Merle Haggard My House of Memories 2004
Emanuel Derman My Life as a Quant: Reflections on Physics and Finance 2004
Bob Dylan Chronicles: Volume One 2004
Anthony Kiedis Scar Tissue 2004
Sean Astin There and Back Again: an Actor's Tale 2004
Taslima Nasrin Those Dark Days 2004
Kapil Dev Straight From the Heart 2004
Wil Wheaton Dancing Barefoot 2004
Michael York Are My Blinkers Showing? Film-making & Other Adventures In the New Russia 2005
Dirk Benedict Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy 2005
Tab Hunter Confidential: the Making of a Movie Star 2005
Sasha Cohen Fire on Ice 2005
William F. Buckley, Jr. Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography 2005
Chelsea Handler My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands 2005
Jane Fonda My Life So Far 2005
Jeannette Walls The Glass Castle 2005
David Hasselhoff Don't Hassel the Hoff 2006
Taslima Nasrin I Am Not Fine, But You Stay Well My Beloved Country 2006
Tommy Chong The I Chong: Meditations From the Joint 2006
Wole Soyinka You Must Set Forth At Dawn 2006
Julia Child My Life in France 2006
Ronald Reagan The Reagan Diaries 2007
Ishmael Beah A Long Way Gone 2007
Steve Martin Born Standing Up 2007
Willie Aames Grace Is Enough 2007
Evander Holyfield Becoming EH: a Fighter's Journey 2008
Randy Couture Becoming the Natural: My Life In and Out of the Cage 2008
Maureen McCormick Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice 2008
Ed Begley, Jr. Living Like Ed 2008
Miley Cyrus Miles To Go 2008
Roald Dahl More About Boy 2008
Chip St. Clair The Butterfly Garden 2008
Denis Leary Why We Suck 2008
Michael J. Fox Always Looking Up 2009
Marie Osmond I May As Well Laugh About It 2009
Lizzie Velásquez Lizzie Beautiful, The Lizzie Velásquez Story 2010
Taslima Nasrin Nothing Is There 2010
Melissa Sue Anderson The Way I See It: a Look Back at My Life 2010
Abhinav Bindra A Shot at History 2011
Marcus Samuelsson Yes, Chef: A Memoir 2012
Barry Norman See You in the Morning 2013
Zohre Esmaeli Meine neue Freiheit. Von Kabul über den Laufsteg zu mir selbst 2014